Healthy, low-energy building shells with terracotta walls, lime plasters and woodfibre insulation materials.


Our team will gladly advise you on our product and service offerings. Due to many years of experience in renovation, renovation and modernization, we can advise you professionally and offer you the right solution for your problem. The demand for quality, innovation, sustainability and efficiency is always top priority next to your satisfaction. We also gladly offer you an individual renovation and energy consultation. Just call us on 07487 515392 and get free advice.


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Bei einem persönlichen Gespräch

Have a chat with us...

Bevor es mit dem eigentlichen Hausbau losgeht, befindet sich die Baustelle meist erstmal im Kopf. Hier hämmern tausend Fragen & Ideen auf Sie ein. Es sei denn, Sie bauen mit uns! Denn jedes unserer Projekte beginnt mit einem persönlichen Beratungsgespräch, in dem wir Ihnen mit Fachkompetenz und Fingerspitzengefühl zur Seite stehen.


What we offer etc


  1. Floor slab
  2. Clay blockwork
  3. Floor joists/ concrete planks
  4. Roof system
  5. Windows and doors
  6. Floor screeds
  7. Render


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Self-builder support

We offer an on-site support service for self-builders or for clients who wish to use their own local contractors.


We'll show you how to build the walls and pass on useful tips and tricks to get you going.